• Lightweight
  • Dissipates a maximum thermal load of 110 W / 330 W
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Feedback Electronics


Forced-air cooling for Ultra Series modules in:

  • Laser products
  • Medical equipment
  • Semi-conductor processing

Ultra-Therm Thermo-Electric Cooling ModulesTEC Module

Laser Operations' cooling modules use high efficiency TEL modules in conjunction with a heat exchanger and cooling fans to dissipate a maximum thermal load of 110W / 330W. The high performance cooling modules are designed for OEM applications for laser products, medical equipments and semiconductor processing. When coupled with the appropriate temperature controller unit (9916-0001 / 9916-0002), the module functions as a highly stable cooling unit for Laser Operations' Ultra-50 and Ultra-100 series' laser module.

Ultra-Therm Thermo-Electric Cooling Module
BrightLock® Ultra-50
BrightLock® Ultra-100

Warning: Class 4 Laser. Invisible Laser Radiation – Avoid Eye or Skin Exposure to Direct or Scattered Radiation.