• Extensive laser diode protection features
  • High set-point accuracy and voltage measurement accuracy
  • On-board data storage for fast LIV data gathering and transfer
  • Integrated photodiode measurement
  • Integrated thermistor-based temperature measurement
  • Low output noise
  • GPIB Interface


  • Research and Development with High Power Laser Diodes



Ultra-Drive Benchtop Seriesbenchtop laser diode driver

The Ultra-Drive Benchtop Laser Diode Drivers are a family of high performance current sources designed specifically for controlling and testing high power laser diodes. High setpoint accuracy, low output noise, and 4-wire voltage measurements make these drivers ideal for precision, high power laser diode L-I-V testing. External output power monitoring is supported through an independent photodiode measurement circuit with an adjustable reverse bias for best linearity and measurement speed.