• 780 to 1920 nm
  • Up tp 300W
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • Industrial cooling water
  • Detachable 200um fiber
  • Armor or bare fiber delivery
  • Dichroic filter protection available
  • Cladding-free power
  • Conduction cooled single emitters inside
  • Aiming Beam, MPD optional


  • Laser pumping: Fiber lasers, Solid state lasers
  • Materials processing: Soldering, Welding
  • Compact
  • High efficiency
  • Not sensitive to back reflection for materials processing


BrightLase® Mega-300

Mega-300 Series featuring BrightLase® and BrightLock® technologies


QPC Lasers Inc. introduces QPC Lasers Mega-300 with up to 300 Watts “cladding-free” output power. These modules feature industry leading brightness, optional on-chip BrightLock® wavelength stabilization for higher spectral brightness, and are designed for direct diode industrial, as well as, fiber and solid-state laser pumping.

Other features include: integrated water cooled base plate with standard unfiltered water, Detachable fiber available, Cladding free power, and Dichroic filter protection available.

The Mega-300 options include:
  •  Visible aiming beam
  •  Photodiode
  •  D-sub connector
  •  Detachable fiber

BrightLase® Mega-300 Download Data Sheet

Warning: Class 4 Laser. Invisible Laser Radiation – Avoid Eye or Skin Exposure to Direct or Scattered Radiation.