• Accurate center wavelength 1532.5 ± 1.5nm
  • Narrow linewidth: <2nm FWHM
  • Stabilized spectrum: Reduced sensitivity to temperature
  • Fast and slow axis collimation available


  • Industrial and medical: Pumping of fiber and solid state Er:YAG lasers
  • Increased pumping efficiency for Er:YAG
  • Reduced thermal requirements of system
  • Eliminates costly external optical components


BrightLock® Stacked Array

                                                                               laser diode stacked array

Conventional laser diodes today are highly efficient but suffer from broad linewidth, lack of control over center wavelength, and significant dependence versus temperature.


In order to overcome these challenges and leverage resonant pumping, a novel technique of wavelength stabilization based on internal diffraction gratings embedded inside the semiconductor chip was developed for the QPC Lasers product line. These devices are fabricated using a wafer-based process, with the gratings defined after a first epitaxial growth by optical lithography into a photoresist layer, followed by etching, then finalized during a re-growth process. The process has been successfully implemented in both GaAs and InP material at various wavelengths such as 795nm, 808nm, 976nm, 981nm, 1453nm, 1532nm and 1908nm.


Bright lock Chip


Figure 1: Schematic of Brightlock® chip highlighting embedded grating written at wafer level during MOCVD epitaxial growth (left). Atomic Force Microscope picture of internal grating (right).


Using Brightlock® InP or GaAs bars grown by MOCVD, Laser Operations manufactures kW-class micro-channel cooled stacked arrays for resonant pumping.


Diode Array of Bright Lock Bar


Figure 2: Picture of 4 x 42 bar vertical diode array of Brightlock® bars at 1532nm (right). The arrays are collimated in fast and slow axis to less than two degrees (FWHM). Power versus current and spectrum of 1.4nm for the full 4 stacks module is shown (left).

Warning: Class 4 Laser. Invisible Laser Radiation – Avoid Eye or Skin Exposure to Direct or Scattered Radiation.