• 795, 976, 1532, 1908 nm
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • Conduction cooled on a water cooled plate
  • Distilled water not required
  • Detachable fiber available
  • Cladding free power
  • Internal gratings for higher spectral brightness and wavelength stabilization
  • Dichroic filter protection available


  • Laser pumping: Fiber lasers, Solid state lasers
  • Rb vapor pumping
  • Medical: Dental, Ophthalmology, Therapeutic, Surgical
  • High performance from solid state lasers and fiber lasers
  • Long working distance and sharper features for materials processing applications


BrightLock® Ultra-500

Ultra-500 Series featuring BrightLase® and BrightLock® technologies


QPC Lasers Inc. introduces QPC Lasers Ultra-500 with up to 425 Watts “cladding-free” output power. These modules feature industry leading brightness, on-chip BrightLock® wavelength stabilization for
higher spectral brightness, and are designed for direct diode industrial and medical application as well as fiber and solid-state laser pumping.

Other features include: water cooled plate with standard unfiltered water, Detachable fiber available, Cladding free power, and Dichroic filter protection available.

BrightLock® Ultra-500 Download Data Sheet

Warning: Class 4 Laser. Invisible Laser Radiation – Avoid Eye or Skin Exposure to Direct or Scattered Radiation.