• QPC laser module (fiber coupled or collimated)
  • Cooling system
  • Laser driver
  • Easy to use customer interface (RS-232)
  • Available options - aiming beam, monitor photodiode
  • High power stability
  • Fast rise time
  • CW and pulsed operation
  • Safety interlock
  • Optional power monitoring control (with integrated MPD)
  • Forensics
  • Particle counting
  • Solar and LCD panel manufacturing
  • OEM medical equipment
  • Laser pumping
  • Materials processing
  • Plastic welding
  • Laser soldering



SUltra- OEM Solution  SUltra OEM Solution

Compact High Performance OEM Laser Module

QPC Lasers Inc. introduces the SUltra, a compact laser module designed for easy integration by OEMs into end-user systems with applications from plastic welding and laser soldering to laser therapy and forensics.  Each module incorporates a BrightLase® or BrightLock® fiber coupled laser module, power supply, thermal management system, and RS-232 interface in a compact (15cm x 16.2cm x 45cm / 0.4 cubic feet) air cooled enclosure.  Options include CW and pulsed operation at powers to 50W, output fiber diameters from 50 to 800 µm, wavelengths ranging from 532 to 1908 nm and an integrated visible aiming beam.  Outboard GUI interface modules are also available for integration into end-user systems.


SUltraDownload Datasheet

Warning: Class 4 Laser. Invisible Laser Radiation – Avoid Eye or Skin Exposure to Direct or Scattered Radiation.