By solving fundamental material problems, such as improvements in epitaxial design, growth process control and waveguide structure in the indium phosphide (InP) laser diode semiconductor materials, we have developed lasers that are significantly more efficient and brighter at long wavelengths (especially in the range of 1300~1600nm), and that can operate at higher temperatures. This means that the diodes can operate warm and under higher power density with lower power consumption. We have demonstrated efficiency of 20% at 80C with a 85um wide emitter at 1550nm. 


  • High power, high efficiency
  • High brightness
  • High operating temperature
  • Eye-safe wavelength
  • Precise wavelength control at the peak of water absorption


  • Compact size (enables TO package)
  • low cost (relaxed temperature control requirement)
  • Efficient beam combining and fiber coupling
  • Minimize the unintended impact of potentially hazardous scattered optical radiation
  • Enable fast ablation rate and efficient blood coagulation


  • Treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)
  • Chest surgery
  • Varicose vein treatments
  • Aesthetic medical treatments
  • Eye-safe rangefinding
  • Illumination
  • Pumping DPSSLs
  • Materials processing